Couch Shopping


I get the keys to my new apartment Tuesday (!). One of my highest priorities is to replace my couch, which was destroyed by water damage and a partial ceiling collapse at my current place. (It’s a long, sad story.) My criteria for a new couch is pretty small —

  1. Clean, modern lines (nothing too traditional)
  2. Comfortable enough for guests to sleep on
  3. Either a neutral color or something that will go with my current paint choice (see paint colors below)

blue-paintL-R: Aloha by Behr, Mexicali Turquoise by Benjamin Moore, Little Blue Box by Sherwin Williams

As of right now, my budget is under $400. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade in a year or two, but I need something that will last until then. Here are a few I’ve found.

1. Grid Sofa — $258.57
I like the shape and tufting on this sofa. While it doesn’t look the greatest for sleeping on (some of the reviews state that it is hard), I like that I can easily switch out throws and pillows depending on the season and my mood. I also really like the mid-century style angled legs.

2. Vintage Linen Mix Futon — $349.00
This also has the tufting and angled legs I love, but as a bonus, it’s also a futon. I definitely like the idea of being able to pull it out for sleepovers. While I like the teal, it also comes in grey, which would be a more neutral option for the room. The major con is that it’s almost $100 more than the sofa above.

3. Better Homes and Gardens Porter Futon — $249.00
While not my favorite option in looks, it is the cheapest and is a futon. I also like the neutral dark grey.

4. Two Tone Splitback Tufted Velvet Futon — $378.99
And the wild card! While there is a grey version of this futon (it is currently sold out), I feel like if I’m going to spend almost $400, I might as well go a little crazy. It’s absolutely NOT neutral, so definitely would be harder to style, but it would also be a huge statement piece.

So what do you guys think? Which is your favorite?


Old Apartment Photos

Click on each picture for a larger image and description.


A rough layout of the apartment:


I drew this about 30 minutes, so it is in no way to scale, but you get the basic idea. As you can see, the living room and bedroom are windows on two walls each, which I loved and was my favorite part of the apartment. However, the major issues are the tiny kitchen, only one closet, a small stand-up shower in the bathroom and no bath tub, and that the kitchen is off the bedroom, not the living room. There were other issues, but those were the things I most disliked about the apartment.