Couch Shopping


I get the keys to my new apartment Tuesday (!). One of my highest priorities is to replace my couch, which was destroyed by water damage and a partial ceiling collapse at my current place. (It’s a long, sad story.) My criteria for a new couch is pretty small —

  1. Clean, modern lines (nothing too traditional)
  2. Comfortable enough for guests to sleep on
  3. Either a neutral color or something that will go with my current paint choice (see paint colors below)

blue-paintL-R: Aloha by Behr, Mexicali Turquoise by Benjamin Moore, Little Blue Box by Sherwin Williams

As of right now, my budget is under $400. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade in a year or two, but I need something that will last until then. Here are a few I’ve found.

1. Grid Sofa — $258.57
I like the shape and tufting on this sofa. While it doesn’t look the greatest for sleeping on (some of the reviews state that it is hard), I like that I can easily switch out throws and pillows depending on the season and my mood. I also really like the mid-century style angled legs.

2. Vintage Linen Mix Futon — $349.00
This also has the tufting and angled legs I love, but as a bonus, it’s also a futon. I definitely like the idea of being able to pull it out for sleepovers. While I like the teal, it also comes in grey, which would be a more neutral option for the room. The major con is that it’s almost $100 more than the sofa above.

3. Better Homes and Gardens Porter Futon — $249.00
While not my favorite option in looks, it is the cheapest and is a futon. I also like the neutral dark grey.

4. Two Tone Splitback Tufted Velvet Futon — $378.99
And the wild card! While there is a grey version of this futon (it is currently sold out), I feel like if I’m going to spend almost $400, I might as well go a little crazy. It’s absolutely NOT neutral, so definitely would be harder to style, but it would also be a huge statement piece.

So what do you guys think? Which is your favorite?